Project layoutΒΆ

When you do a git clone ... of richard, you end up with a directory tree like this:

richard              -- repository root
|- docs/             -- documentation
|- tests/            -- all the tests
\- src/
   \- richard/       -- richard django project
      |- base/       -- base code shared by the other apps
      |- config/     -- settings and configuration
      |- pages/      -- code for "about", "contac", etc pages
      |- sampledata/ -- code for loading sampledata from apps
      |- sitenews/   -- code for sitenews
      \- videos/     -- code for videos and search

Here’s what’s there:


Documentation for the project build wtih Sphinx and formatted in restructuredtext.


This is where all the tests go.


This is the “Django project” part of the project and where the “Django apps” go. There are a few:


This is where shared code for all the apps go as well as code central to the Django project. Middleware, context processors, base templates, static assets, etc.


This is where the settings and wsgi files live.


Like django.contrib.flatpages except that nothing is in the database—it’s all done with templates.


Small utility app that will load sample data from other apps for development.


Bare-bones “blog” for your site allowing you to specify site news like changes, new conferences added, etc.


This app does most of the work and manages speakers, categories (conferences, user groups, etc), videos and search.